Exposing Corruption - Ten easy things to do !

December 29, 2010
As more and more information comes to light , our group wants to assist many locals in trying to make a better community and to help stomp out and expose local corruption. Here are 10 easy things to do:

1. Get a camera
a picture is worth a thousand words.....  it is legal to take pictures, just be aware people get truly WACKED out when you pull a camera out. I have a camera that puts date and time stamp if I want it, on each picture, This helps Identify later, when matching up to time periods, etc.

2. Get time, date, and  detailed information
get as much details including people places times and witnesses. information is the key word, and you have to use your slueth skills. you can be an old pen and paper guy, or be all digital with your smart-phone / digital cam ready at your finger tips. Either way, get details - people, places and times.

3. Notarize witness information
Goto a local notary and get your affidavits notarized. Lots of places provide free notary services like banks. Get all your witness statement notarized as soon as possible. These are priceless.

4. Search Online for Resources
More and more people use online resources, such as this site to educate and help others in a mass effort. Online resources like Google.com are free and extremely easy to use. These new resources could possibly be tracked so be safe and use a free online proxy.

5. Do NOT use third party information or hear-say
using information from ANY  third party or hear-say cant be used. Taking soemthing you heard and using
it as evidence is not a good or applicable policy. Searching for bad news is also a double edged sward, bringing
bad upon bad

6. Follow Through !
You have to keep at it and follow through. The corrupt ones have been organized and abusing the systems for decades. You have to be consistent and follow through. Effort alone will not win the battle.

7. Hire Lawyer - If possible
If you can afford it, hire a lawyer. Dealing with corruption is nasty business and can have retributions, including harassment, prosecution and trumped up charges, and abuse of local and state laws. get a lawyer on your project.

8. Make copies
make 2-3 copies of everything. Make sure you have backups of everything.
if you have film or media, make duplications and place at difference locations.

9. Seek second opinions
as in anything, get a second opinion on things, before jumping the gun. Seek a second opinions when possible. In this day and age information is bliss and a sounding board is always needed.

10. Publish your information to help others
the net is a great place for the people to actions. Publish your work in hopes to help others in your area get information they need to stomp out corruption.


In Elgins Water ..... YUM YUM

September 7, 2010
The City of Elgin in their lame attempts to quite me, have only spurred more investigations, and more reports.

Have any idea what is looks like in a water tank 10-20 years old?  Thirsty yet ??

Is that safe to drink ?
pour me a glass of that fine Elgin tap water, is it still red like before for the first few seconds?

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Water Deposits Still Lost - Continue harrasments from City

September 7, 2010

My group ( worked for) had several locations in town and noticed I never got back a dime like every one else did. I started asking and the more I asked the more I don't know came up. The more I don't know, the more trips to the city hall. How can they charge for a building they don't show even gets water? This is why I am telling you the City of Elgin are plain and simple crooks. I found out, I am not alone in my thoughts  or my problem !

When I found out I was owed at least $500 and with over...
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Former TABC agent faces trial for teen sex assault, oppression in Bastrop

September 7, 2010

Bastrop, Tx–A former law enforcement agent for the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission was ordered on May 25 to stand trial in Bastrop on charges of official oppression and sexual assault of a child younger than age 17. The state grand jury for Bastrop County returned two indictments against former TABC agend Joe Chavez this week.

Chavez was released from the Bastrop County Jail on $225,000 bail last June 12. The alleged incident, involving a teen and sting operations aimed at alc...

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Bastrop police chief steps down

September 7, 2010

Bastrop, Tx–David Board, city police chief since 2002, tendered his resignation from city employment and as chief of the department on Monday.

Board, 46, had been a Bastrop policeman since 1986. He will remain on leave without official duties until Nov. 1 when he will qualify for city retirement benefits, said an announcement today from Bastrop City Manager Mike Talbot. The city manager said Board’s resignation has been accepted and is irrevocable.

Board had been on leave sinc...

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Did you get back your water deposit?

May 17, 2010
We are looking into a new story brewing over lost and non returned water
deposits being held by the City of Elgin TX.  Each water despot is $100, per location.
If the city has 5000 plus residents the number of money not returned 
could be staggering......

Also the city recently was refunding deposits 10 years or older, that it also
kept, forgot about, and recently started mailing to residents. We are looking into why
the city would keep refunds , and violating the laws of Texas.

More as we continu...
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Water Break or Move to Aviod OSHA Fines?

May 17, 2010
As our investigation starts into Elgin Texas's water treatment system,
we find disturbing news. Seems OSHA was in Manor Texas inspecting
their water towers, when the tower under review in Elgin Texas, had a
a main burst and empty the old lead based unit.

Upon a review of the water tower, its no wonder OSHA was so diligent
in trying to get Elgin to paint & remove the lead based paint ......

Lead? yes and lots of muck, that comes from years to a decades of settlement.

We want Elgin TX's complete wate...
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650+ UN Vehicles & photos from Bastrop Federal Pen

April 5, 2010

Two aerial photos of nearly 1000 U.N.-white vehicles, which according to confirmed reports are being fitted with prisoner cages and shackles, are being stockpiled in Texas.

Source - Repost

Page Contents:
UN-white Vehicles PhotosFeb. 21, 2003 UpdateOriginal Report/Description

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Speed traps on Highway 290 East

March 29, 2010

Elgin PD is following protocol and stepping up speed traps on highway 290 east, reducing accidents in town. Aggressive traffic speed traps have been needed for years and looks like EPD is hitting areas where people are known to not heed to posted speed signs.

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Former EPD Officer Steven Ou files lawsuit against City, BCSO, Abreo, Coffee

March 14, 2010
Former EPD Officer Steven Ou files lawsuit against City, BCSO, Abreo, Coffee

Former Elgin Police Officer Steven Ou has filed a lawsuit against the City of Elgin, the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office, former Bastrop County Sheriff Rosanna Abreo and former City Manager Jeff Coffee.

City Council members were informed of the lawsuit at Tuesday's meeting.

For more of this story, click on or type the URL below:


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Just reporting the injustices done by the local law. Seems amazing a city of 5000 could be the seat for major corruption. When you add drugs, guns, illegal alien trafficking,one can only imagine how far and deep one could get.
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