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Former EPD Officer Steven Ou files lawsuit against City, BCSO, Abreo, Coffee

Posted by The PC on Sunday, March 14, 2010, In : LAWSUIT 
Former EPD Officer Steven Ou files lawsuit against City, BCSO, Abreo, Coffee

Former Elgin Police Officer Steven Ou has filed a lawsuit against the City of Elgin, the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office, former Bastrop County Sheriff Rosanna Abreo and former City Manager Jeff Coffee.

City Council members were informed of the lawsuit at Tuesday's meeting.

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City Manager of Elgin - Leaves - Lawsuits start !

Posted by The PC on Wednesday, February 24, 2010, In : LAWSUIT 
 Did Elgin know the city manager was a defunct lawyer who had his law degree suspended for not paying his clients. We checked the Texas BAR and his license was reissued this year, hence the abrupt leave without notice. He also gets paid 3K per month as part of his contract, see what I mean on beyond sad!

Notice this: just because you leave, doesn't mean the horrible things you did, wont follow you, especially since your a licensed lawyer (eeeeeeek) in the state of Texas, who helped ruin our gr...
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Posted by The PC on Monday, November 2, 2009,

Bastrop County, TX: (May-16-08) Charlie Littleton, a former Bastrop County jail administrator, filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the county in 2007, stating that several county employees improperly used county equipment and funds, as well as inmate labor to build barbecue pits for profit and do other work on private property.

The allegations were brought against several officials including a former County Commissioner David Goertz and former Sheriff Richard Hernandez. Littleton filed the ...
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Lawsuit filed against county by Johnson

Posted by The PC on Sunday, July 19, 2009, In : Police Corruption Reports 

A civil lawsuit has been filed by former Bastrop County Sheriffs Officer Miguel Johnson against the County, alleging discrimination based on national origin, according to his attorney, Shane Boasberg.

Johnson was terminated from his job as deputy March 28, 2008, after being hired in October of 2005. He has alleged that then Sheriff Rosanna Abreo hired and/or promoted eight or nine other Caucasian males outside of the agency into the detective position ahead of Johnson.

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Just reporting the injustices done by the local law. Seems amazing a city of 5000 could be the seat for major corruption. When you add drugs, guns, illegal alien trafficking,one can only imagine how far and deep one could get.
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