Hackers target Elgin-based police chiefs association

September 5, 2011

The Elgin-based Texas Police Chiefs Association found itself the target of the hacker group Anonymous on Thursday after its website was attacked and emails said to be from some of its members' were leaked online.

The group took down the association's website and posted a screed that said its actions were retaliation against law enforcement for arresting Anonymous members in connection with other hacking incidents. They called the attack "Texas Takedown Thursday" and posted scores of account passwords and emails from police officials and association members across Texas.

Anonymous said some of the work and personal emails the group posted include messages with foul language, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant jokes, racial slurs, lewd photographs, details of officers having affairs with residents' wives, and law enforcement documents, such as training manuals, police rosters and search warrants.



Site Development Under Way

March 11, 2011

The new system and site will now be under way.
The new site will carry local, world and top news
24/7/365, with our new automated feeds.

Local news will still be headed by our webmaster,
until new talent is found.

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