My group ( worked for) had several locations in town and noticed I never got back a dime like every one else did. I started asking and the more I asked the more I don't know came up. The more I don't know, the more trips to the city hall. How can they charge for a building they don't show even gets water? This is why I am telling you the City of Elgin are plain and simple crooks. I found out, I am not alone in my thoughts  or my problem !

When I found out I was owed at least $500 and with over 5000 people now reported living in the city, and the city is liable for hundreds upon thousands in refunds, I understood the issue. I like everyone else, just simply wanted my money back. I no longer lease these locations and the city never refunded my water deposits plain and simple.

Instead of paying me, they have continued to violate my civil rights, and I continue to press forward. The meeting with the Attorney Generals Office lawyer ( on phone) was very helpful, in alerting me to more consumer protection rights I will be writing on in an up coming article. 

More Soon !