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Water Break or Move to Aviod OSHA Fines?

Posted by The PC on Monday, May 17, 2010, In : CORRUPTION 
As our investigation starts into Elgin Texas's water treatment system,
we find disturbing news. Seems OSHA was in Manor Texas inspecting
their water towers, when the tower under review in Elgin Texas, had a
a main burst and empty the old lead based unit.

Upon a review of the water tower, its no wonder OSHA was so diligent
in trying to get Elgin to paint & remove the lead based paint ......

Lead? yes and lots of muck, that comes from years to a decades of settlement.

We want Elgin TX's complete wate...
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Gas Leak - Center Point coverup

Posted by The PC on Thursday, February 25, 2010, In : NEWS 
Over the last month, the gas smells at old McDade Road have escalated so high, that you can smell gas for blocks at times. My largest concern was blowing up, so I told my neighbors to stop smoking in from of the gas system.

Did they head the warning ? Hell no, they called the cops and reported me for disorderly conduct, with EPD was ever so happy to get involved in, but refused to serve and protect the citizens of this city. EPD posted no warning to any people living in the area, no communica...
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Just reporting the injustices done by the local law. Seems amazing a city of 5000 could be the seat for major corruption. When you add drugs, guns, illegal alien trafficking,one can only imagine how far and deep one could get.
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