Injuctice at your local Justice of the Peace?

September 21, 2009
Noticed today that our old link was no longer working, and that the government office actually moved the form to thier front page , added it in Spanish and English.  Come forth with your case, and make the wrong become right.

Procedural Rules for the Removal or Retirement of Judges

Not allowed to park licensed vehicles in your own yard?

July 14, 2009
This just in. A complaint was filed today about the city ordering removal
of a licensed and registered vehicle, from being able to park on the grass.
We looked in the code and nope, that rule is just not there (yet). Is this
still America ? How can they say you cant park a vehicle on the grass?
Will you be the next victim ?

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Code Voilations

July 14, 2009
Was told by the city, that city cafe was fined heavily for fixes without proper licenses.
Wonder why they only picked her , and not the score of downtown still under code?
Seen many people do many things without permits, and but again they own the town,
so they can do what they want anyway, right ?

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City Trailer used for personal for years?

July 14, 2009
Been watching the city allow a fireman to use the cities trailer for years without notice. Wonder how many tax payers dollars was used and wasted so he could tote personal stuff on it , weekend after weekend. IT was only when the city came down on its own community, that they removed the trailer from being illegally parked as well, in the right of way.

How many laws can the city break, of its own , and never be noticed?

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July 14, 2009
How can a town still be so prejudice and so rude to its own townspeople and not be help accountable ?
I could never imagine in my life to see such corruption and waste. Why are they prejudice?

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more forms

April 6, 2009
Water dept investigation form
civil rights violation forms
hazmat violations
health violations
judicial misconduct form

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more civil right violations

April 2, 2009
After review of the local appeal process in precinct 3, bastrop county ,civil rights of citizens of Elgin,(Precinct 4), Bastrop County Texas citizens where denied the opportunity to appeal if indigent.

Under state, federal and county law , defendants in both civil and criminal law have the right to appeal  any courts decision, where or not that person can afford to pay the fees or monies required. In civil where award are normally granted, the indigent defendant has the right to challenge the...
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It used to be called honesty......

March 27, 2009
telling your clients 'how it is', used to be called honesty......
now what is the truth ? Would you tell your family member or
best friend to open shop at main street, and watch they loose
this life savings? Save historical downtown at what cost ?

Seeing the city do this to new comers every day.

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Why no recreation center or sidewalks?

March 27, 2009
we have money buy land, to build buildings, and to do all kind of things , except when it comes to our children. Why still no rec center or sidewalks for our kids to walk ?

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