have a slum lord not a land lord? Has your landlord refused to fix things? Do you live in slumville and want to report him/her and win cash and prizes?

We are tired of people defrauding each other and wanted to publicly show you what we mean.  All pictures and materials are just information/data at this time. Please no pictures of people / family members or children of any type. all pictures must have a time and date stamp.

Now use your common sense. If the property is in such bad shape it could hurt, kill or endanger others, then it is in your best interest to relocate, as soon as possible. Bad thing about slumlords is that they never ever live in the slums they build, bought, manage or created.

As we the people, we don't care what it cost you to fix your slums! Why should our children, wives, douaghters, sons, and husbands be at risk for your financial profit?