Existing Legal issues for gas company thru investigation from City, County State and OSHA.

A local TV station has also been calling to cover the story......... 

Problem #1
Nonotification of of leak to community in any way. There needs to be a free online system established for services where life threatening and toxic fumes can cuase people to pass out, become ill, or have hard time breating. Those with any lung damages , should have been evacuated from the area from the fumes, that have been sent off to LABS for results. 

Problem #2
Not in compliance with OSHA
Due to the land owner next to the pump thinking it was his property, he grew up  shrubs around the unit to hide it, when the system has to be seen clearly , and has to have NO SMOKING SIGNS on all 4 sides. These signs can not be covered, due to they are the only warning that this gas substation is here, alive and lethal. clearly no sign can be seen.

Problem #3
Fence was too short, and not in city, state or within OSHA safety compliance.

problem #4
The treats coming from within their work area was labeled as a terroristic  threat against me, by company management. Apparently they don't care what the person was holding when they made the threat to hurt me if I took another picture of him.

Problem #5
EPD trespassing warnings.  The officer who decided all of this simple stated" ill put an end to this" grabbed his clip board and started filling out papers against me and the neighbor. ones that neither of us did, wanted to do, or even came close to doing. Then they even gave me one from the gas company.

Problem #6
EPD officer failed to cite worker for verbal assault or terroristic threat, as in compliance to both state, county and federal laws. Instead I got a trespassing warning ? This just shows the lack of training this officer clearly has, and his lavish use of the laws.... same officer has had similar issues with citizens and we have asked a full scale investigation into his actions, attitude and mental health.

all this over a stinky gas leak. Could you imagine trying to find out information in a war? My hats off to all journalist far and wide.