When we reported the theft of 25K of materials from ACR shop on Highway 290, and even gave the PD the location, and person who had them and so on, we were told oh well, they could not do anything, unless we helped them enter the house. The city who ruined our names for thier own personal gain, actually had the balls to ask for our help in getting rid of the "as quoted" the trouble up the street.

How is this even legal? They are the police, but yet refuse to apprehend thief's with the stolen material sitting right on thier desks in plain site.  Now they found out the the main guy has aliases and a criminal record from out of state. Still not one arrest, not even a citation.

Theft by appropriation, is just that. You some how come across the material, and its stolen. To bad both PD and the local paid off judge ( we will get to him soon) don't even serve or protect the citizens any more. They are too busy failing false reports, failing to do thier duties, and blaming the public, as usual.

more to come !