After being told to by EPD to call, when my neighbors flip me off or start crap ( which happens form time to time)   we did, then to my astonishment, they man handled a 72 year old witness like he was some type of criminal, then started off the conversation to me when I got here as:: We are tired of having to deal with you people..... MY mouth hit the floor but I actually didn't respond . Who that's  civil rights violation in a mouthful.

The here comes the fun part. I get  warning for tresspssing on property I never tresspassed on.  Chief of police is reviewing recodings a ( think all officers are wired now) my batchof pitures,  and of course the  citation numbers. Poor man having to clean up every one else s mess!

I was told by an EPD officer, that I was no allowed to take pictures . I was confuse and told the officer he was confused on his "law 101" and that I was allowed to take pictures of a public property in plain view, any time I wanted. Even the Chief of EDP agreed that public property is different than private property especially i when in public right of way facility in plain view. It is companies responsibility if they don't want any to see, since its being displayed in public view. Thank goodness for people who actually have read those law books!

The Gas Company officials or manager has not returned our call yet to the verbal attack, and the gas leak now for months. Upon reviewing the system, they lied to us saying they needed to ass something that adds smell to the gas and that is what I was smelling. Well that doesn't make sense since its not added to this location, from what the main office stated,  Now if the smell is leaking out, would no the gas be more dangerous, since now you could not smell it if one did have a leak ?

NO call back from CenterPoint Enegry management, will go up higher.