Over the last month, the gas smells at old McDade Road have escalated so high, that you can smell gas for blocks at times. My largest concern was blowing up, so I told my neighbors to stop smoking in from of the gas system.

Did they head the warning ? Hell no, they called the cops and reported me for disorderly conduct, with EPD was ever so happy to get involved in, but refused to serve and protect the citizens of this city. EPD posted no warning to any people living in the area, no communicated the issues with the idiots smoking next to the leaking station.

Spoke to the gas teams ( they have been working on it for two days now) and there is or was a huge underground leak. They are adding some type of baffle that they made. and will be officailly wraning the idiots next door to the gas system of the dangers .

One of the guys was confused. He said the site was wrapped with NO smoking signs. I stated the smokers don't think this applies to them in any way.......... what is that red thing ?

Wonder what the city will comment on this issue?