Elgin City Council members went into executive session at Tuesday's meeting to discuss the Interim City Manager position.

After reconvening into regular session, the Council voted unanimously to appoint EPD Police Chief Chris Bratton to the Interim City Manager position. The motion was made by Anthony Ramirez and seconded by Theresa Scott for the salary not to exceed $4,633/mo.

According to City Secretary Shirley Garvel, the Council left it up to Bratton to decide how to handle the Interim Police Chief position. Assistant Chief Phil Taylor will fill that position.

The Council discussed the hiring process for a full-time City Manager. They will decide on the criteria for the new manager and will appoint a committee to review applicants at the March 2 meeting.


We want at least 20 open candidates to be be reviewed, not someone the city who is under investigation,
gets to appoint and start  concealing, hiding. or making information unavailable........

Second question, why does a city normally appoint the chief of police as the intern city manager?
Does this mean legal issues , or just covering the bases? We can only hope that this improves
the moto "Serve and Protect" he swore to uphold.