Upon inspection, something didn't look right. I went and bought this new camera, so I figured I would take pictures of the deal in action. Everything all day went great. ll Until the neighbor, showed up. Within half an hour , he had them so spooked . A worker then stopped what he was doing and verbally threatened me, to stop taking pictures or else. My question was , why, what do you have to hide?

I always love one sided police tactics, but this time we are asking for suspension of the workers involved, suspension of the offer making the derogatory comments, and a nice fat lawsuit for someone from the gas company threatening me, cause I took pictures, and told them smile......

I will post all the pictures except vehicle ID's , which I took after they started threatening me.  I am going to start  a boycott . Wether or not it is a cover up, center point needs to treat customers like humans, and not get away with lies, deception, stall tactics, and verbal threats.

the one  digging in the whole is the one who verbally threatened up.
Big Boy.

wonder who the guy is in blue? he came late on the scene
and was the only one wearing a safety hat. Don't worry OSHA will
get copies of these and identifier pictures as well.

Here is proof. neighbor having full conversation for hours with staff.
He's the thin one with the blue and silver stripped jacket on.

this is funny. Some guy with TAN shirt on talks smack just low enough where you cant here him, pulls roll out and tapes off area. As you can see by my position, I'm actually across the street.

So I decide I am to do as I was told, if threatened call EPD. So I did. BIG MISTAKE

First I get a rash of shit from the officer about how , and he names the other officers have been over ( really for tea and biscuits) , or to harass me ( was my  response)

The I get not one but two warning ticket for trespassing. How could I be trespassing when you can clearly see I'm outside the fence and in the street taking pictures. Cops tell me even right of way belongs to Center Point. I tell cop he really might want to educate himself better, right of way is actually shared and not able to have trespassing, since it gives the right of way, hence the name. I agreed they are camera shy, but they should have nothing to hide, if not breaking any laws.

So here I sit with two trespassing warning , cops gave them trespassing as well, which I never asked for in any way.This shows that EPD still has allot of work to do. Will be working with Chief for a while cleaning house, and getting proper information to proper people. Not knowing laws and yet being the 'law dog' is quite dangerous. Bd thing one of them(cops) I recognized, and he already got in trouble before for a separate incident, where the city can still be held liable.

After reviewing these images we found Center Point was actually parking on our side of the street, in my parking spot. Now that's funny, but I'm trespassing ?