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Speed traps on Highway 290 East

Posted by The PC on Monday, March 29, 2010, In : NEWS 

Elgin PD is following protocol and stepping up speed traps on highway 290 east, reducing accidents in town. Aggressive traffic speed traps have been needed for years and looks like EPD is hitting areas where people are known to not heed to posted speed signs.

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Former EPD Officer Steven Ou files lawsuit against City, BCSO, Abreo, Coffee

Posted by The PC on Sunday, March 14, 2010, In : LAWSUIT 
Former EPD Officer Steven Ou files lawsuit against City, BCSO, Abreo, Coffee

Former Elgin Police Officer Steven Ou has filed a lawsuit against the City of Elgin, the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office, former Bastrop County Sheriff Rosanna Abreo and former City Manager Jeff Coffee.

City Council members were informed of the lawsuit at Tuesday's meeting.

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Gas Company Resolving Issues

Posted by The PC on Thursday, March 4, 2010, In : NEWS 

Existing Legal issues for gas company thru investigation from City, County State and OSHA.

A local TV station has also been calling to cover the story......... 

Problem #1
Nonotification of of leak to community in any way. There needs to be a free online system established for services where life threatening and toxic fumes can cuase people to pass out, become ill, or have hard time breating. Those with any lung damages , should have been evacuated from the area from the fumes, that have been ...
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Just reporting the injustices done by the local law. Seems amazing a city of 5000 could be the seat for major corruption. When you add drugs, guns, illegal alien trafficking,one can only imagine how far and deep one could get.
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